WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE.. Indigenous peoples hold the wisdom & answers to humanity's problems

Humanity is facing another crisis..An invisible , microscopic "ninja" that's taking people down one by one, with it's powerful "kick" to one's immune system. For those who are most vulnerable like children, the elderly and those who have immune disorders or complications, they need to be protected. THE CORONAVIRUS has been sweeping across countries, continents and borders so rapidly that several countries and cities are on lockdown. Hospitals overflowing with sick patients in addition to the daily influx of emergency cases and for many, fear and anxiety hover their inner space.

Over the past few months, I've been awakened to many amazing things about indigenous traditions and cultures across the world, more specifically with that of my ancestors, the ANCIENT VEDIC CULTURE. I've always admired the resilience of my ancestors and the incredible sacrifices they've made, but what I've come to realise more and more, is how superbly scientific was their way of life and the things they created. They hold the answers to many of humanity's problems and one in particular, deadly VIRUSES.

Over 60,000 years ago, Patanjali, a great Siddhar (sage and scholar) in India brought yoga to humanity by writing the YOGA SUTRAS. While yoga has become quite global, the authentic yoga however is only practised by a few and efforts are being made to revive this ancient practice as it holds the power to align one's body with that of the cosmic body, bringing optimal health, wellness, strength (inner and outer), spiritual powers and auspiciousness. But while yoga is popular and the benefits of health and well being known to many across the globe, it's the hidden and lesser told ancient and traditional practices of my ancestors that reveal much benefits to humanity.

How did ancient people fight against diseases thousands of years ago? How did they manage to stay in perfect health living over 100 years, sometimes even 200 years? What did they consume each day and what was their lives like that allowed them to build huge cities, temples and civilizations, enlightenment ecosystems? Such amazing people they were. Well I'll share one thing and it can help humanity to protect themselves once and for all against all viruses like the Corona Virus, and it's not what you may think..

FIREWALKING - It was revealed by enlightened Master, Avatar and embodiment of super-consciousness HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, that this ancient practice of Fire-walking was used in many villages especially in south india, as a traditional vaccination method, powering up a person's immune and defense mechanism so much, that one firewalk (done properly as guided by the scriptures) is enough to guarantee to make these viruses irrelevant! Here's the science behind it.

"Fire walking is one of the most powerful mutation involved in the Aushada process. One of the side effects is HEALTH, there are other side effects where certain intense energies are awakened and negativity are nullified. The depth with which you feel violence and violated with, that same depth, if you feel sacrifice and commitment, devotion, that violence in you will be muted. The actions which you will feel violated if you are forced, you are doing it voluntarily in the name of your Devotion, and commitment and sacrifice to the God or Goddess becomes Tapas, mutation of your fundamental instincts. If you are pierced you will feel violated. If you are put in fire you will feel violated, you'll become violent. That same instinct is kindled, you go through that same instinct, that same action, that same thing, with the clarity – dedicated to my Kula Devata, dedicated to my Ishta Devata. My sacrifice to my Ishta Devata, Kula Devata, the same intensity is awakened but muting your feeling violated. Sacrifice mutes, transmutes the feeling violation. Tapas transmutes the feeling violated, violence. Certain acts like fire walking, body piercing, all this are the third dimension of Aushada.

Firewalking combined with what is known as 'Nirahara Samyama' or renunciation of solid foods i.e. a diet which consists of liquid foods such as organic fruit juices, teas, soups for at least 21 days, aids tremendously in naturally detoxing and purifying the body awakening certain energies and creating changes to your very DNA. More will be shared soon about indigenous traditions and how humanity can benefit tremendously if we become more open to the solutions and science behind them.

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