Beauty & Biophilia - A conscious way of re-connecting man wi

Beauty is everywhere.. You see and experience it in nature - in the vivid colors and infinite shapes and features of flowers, butterflies, trees, mountains and animals, the list goes on.. Nature expresses itself continuously, she's alive, living and sometimes all you need to do is stop, and pay attention to truly capture her wonder. The power of 'Awe' when we see a mountain , looking up and realizing it's magestic presence and boldness OR when we hear the soothing sounds of water trickling over rocks OR come across the playful shadows of leaves and trees as we wander through the forest. It's all inspiring, refreshing, stimulating and nourishing , not just to the mind, but the body and soul.

This sort of beauty inspires and brings a sense of bliss and calm, captivating the observers. It's why for millenia, architecture was infused with the magic and inspiration which came from nature, connecting both dwellers and passer-by either visually or non-visually to the natural world. The term Biophilia in fact (according to biologist E. O. Wilson) refers to the affinity of human beings with the natural world. Human beings are innately and emotionally attracted to other living organisms.

Jason McLennan (Founder of the Living Building Challenge) and Julia Drachman (a Designer and Storyteller) beautifully explains in 'Love + Regeneration' Issue 2:

"Our bodies crave nature — of this we are sure. We are all familiar with the innately restorative effects of a deep breath of fresh air. We bring fragrant bouquets into our homes, hoping to waft the scents of nature into our sterile spaces. We walk out into the world, jump into lakes and streams, and plant herbs in our backyards. And until recently, we had little but our intuition to back this up, confirming how good it feels to interact with the natural world as part of our natural heritage."

According to Terrpain Bright Green, there are fourteen (14) Patterns of Biophilic Design, as shown below:

Each element or pattern guides the Designer or Architect to create spaces that bring a sense of harmony and joy, however, to truly understand these patterns, you must firstly resonate with it. This isn't an offering that one can simply 'copy and paste' from one design to another. It's organic.. even spiritual one may say. Immersing yourself in various landscapes or natural environments brings across their true meaning. Designing a unique home or building becomes then much easier if these patterns are well balanced, and honored.

More about this topic coming soon :)

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