The future of Health care is SELF CARE (Pt.1)

We have always known deep within ourselves that the natural world is part of us and we are completely interconnected. WE ARE NATURE. All the five elements present in nature, are also present within us (air, water, fire, earth & space). Ancient traditions and practices are rooted in that fundamental truth. WE ARE ONE. Over the past decades, man has become so disconnected to that truth that it's literally costing us. Billions are spent each year on building new healthcare facilities and in developing new forms of disease fighting medicines, which in most cases don't actually deal with the causes of the disease but lead to a horrific cycle of SYMPTOM TREATMENT and dependency. We have unfortunately become used to this flawed idea " our bodies are machines" that we have become blind blinded to the intelligence that lies within, continuously evolving and supporting life. Pharmaceutical companies have now become trillion dollar industries, feeding off the illnesses and illiteracy of man.

Not too long ago, most people lived in rural areas, with access to an abundance of nature, clean, fresh air, where food was grown with love and care by family members and rainwater collected for use in households. While it wasn't without its challenges, most people lived very long, healthy and happy lives; their well-being attributed to their active lifestyles, connection to place, nature and each other. Now, in the modern age, we've all fallen prey to the 'busyness' of life. With the touch of an app on your phone, we can buy anything our tummies desire (good or bad) while we spend more than 90% of our precious time and lives indoors, living in an environment which is clustered, full of noise and polluted air.

With the extreme focus by governments on economic progress and development, the concept of Social Progress seems like a new one to many . Facts show that economic progress does not necessarily equate to Social progress or improved quality of life. Infact, many can argue that some countries with lower GDP but focuses on education, healthy food and overall well-being are some of the safest, healthiest and best places to live.The good news is that more people are coming to the realization that this lifestyle is literally costing us our health, peace of mind and happiness and have begun to create changes in their own lives even helping those around them to do the same. We are living in some of the most challenging but exciting times indeed and after personally experiencing the downfall of living the "busy" corporate life for over 12 years, spending long hours in commute and traffic, not to mention at the office (which was usually cold, uncomfortable and polluted with chemicals in the air), I can confidently say that it's time we awaken to this realization that SELF-CARE is the FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE. Slowing down and creating more inner space can actually allow you to achieve and accomplish more, while making you healthier and happier at the same time! It's a win-win. The saying "DO MORE WITH LESS" is not a myth and it's time that our generation place a focus on ensuring that ourselves and the generations to come, do not fall prey to this lifestyle but are instead empowered to creating new ones that will support a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

With more awareness placed on this topic, we can create the change we wish to see. The TIME IS NOW. Make self-care a priority in your life; your mind, body, spirit and the world will thank you for it!!

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