Our visit to a Sustainable & Wellness model community in ATLANTA, Georgia

SERENBE, a quaint, forward thinking wellness & sustainable community that was designed to re-connect people to nature and themselves, while preventing urban sprawl on the edge of the city of Atlanta. Enthusiasts from all over the globe have been visiting this hidden treasure for over a decade and I must say, it's a place you must experience for yourself if you're looking for inspiration and maybe a fun weekend with the family!

When you immerse yourself in a space, you get to appreciate the many aspects of the design and the thoughtfulness that went behind it all. It's a place "Where small-town living meets big-city amenities." and a community of roughly 650 residents. Seventy percent (70%) of the 40,000 ares are protected with the other 30% set aside for development by bringing together homes and mixed used buildings closer together with shared open spaces for exploration and enjoyment (parks, miles of trails, farming, play etc.).

Some core sustainability principles have been incorporated into this development and its design such as Energy and Water conservation, use of natural and local materials, onsite organic farming, Biophilia as well as health & wellness. While it's not necessarily a Regenerative community, it sure is a great start in this direction and model to help kick start the conversation with other developers in terms of its economic benefits; a question which is first and foremost on the minds of investors and home owners.

I wanted to share a few photos from this unforgettable trip with you! (You can learn more about Serenbe on www.serenbe.com)

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