A small town in Costa Rica works towards creating a Regenerative Future!

Costa Rica has been leading the renewable energy and sustainability drive in Central America. Now it's taking a further step towards creating REGENERATIVE COMMUNITIES & TOWNS. This exotic, tropical, lush country is sometimes considered the "Switzerland" of Central America and there's no question as to why tourists and environmentalists are drawn to this special place. The warm spirit of its people , their culture, vision and raw determination are key to understanding how this beautiful nation has come to be the guiding light in creating a better future for all.

During my very short visit there attending a Regenerative Design Workshop, I was completely mesmerized by the wonderful creatures and diverse natural gems which existed in this small area on the Pacific side of Costa Rica; from red howler monkeys who ensured their presence was known, to whales dancing beneath the ocean, to small colourful frogs which sung at night; this place was rich and full of LIFE! Biophilia was the one word that came to mind!!

This town is called "Quepos" and to top things off, they have now sanctified officially, their commitment to creating a regenerative future for its residents! Looking for inspiration and maybe some adventure? This place definitely does that and I can't wait to see them progress and drive change that I'm sure will permeate the Caribbean region in the very near future!

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