9 Foundations of a Healthy Building

As we continue to explore the best practices in design and construction, delving into the impacts that architecture has on our everyday lives, I'll like to share with you the nine (9) Foundations of a Healthy Building. There is more proof now that are able to quantitatively relate how buildings can negatively, or positively, impact a person's productivity, health, well being and state of mind.

Credits to : forhealth.org

The fact is, we spend almost 90% of our LIVES inside a building! For us here in the Caribbean, indoor time is increasing as more persons are becoming educated and now employed in the public and/or private sectors. Unfortunately, most of the offices that are providing this sense of job security and opportunity for both professional and personal growth, aren't designed with people's health and well being in mind.

Buildings are disconnecting more people from nature and the environment and there's a greater need to spread awareness on this topic, especially to building owners, architects, designers and those in the health as well as medical fields. We will dive into each of the 9 foundations throughout the coming months and we hope you join in making healthy buildings a reality for all!

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