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This was the topic of a recent Conference I attended in Rockville, Maryland a few days ago. It was a conference that was organised by the Institute of Vedic Architecture and City Planning based in Iowa. While you seldom hear the words "Enlightened" and "Buildings" in one sentence, this conference was designed to help connect Architects, Designers, Engineers and Developers to the truth; which is that the built environment influences the health, happiness and overall well-being of people.

In this conference we learnt how Vedic Architecture called VASTU, can help build affluence, health and happiness of people and communities as it guides the design of buildings with Natural Law. The phrase 'Natural Law' means those universal principles of intelligence that organize everything in nature from our human physiology , to all the species on earth, to our entire planet, to the moon, to the sun, to our solar system, our galaxy and the whole galactic universe. So basically, the ancient practice which was originated in India many thousands of years ago, helps guide the design and construction of buildings and by extension communities and even cities to ensure alignment with cosmic intelligence.

When this is done, the occupants of the buildings, communities etc. become supported by nature and there is a grounding energy which supports life, health, prosperity and well-being of those individuals. You may have heard the Chinese practice of Feng-Sui. Feng Sui in fact manifested from Vastu many years ago and while similar in some regard, there are many differences in the practice.

So the question of "What if the largest man-made creations, buildings and cities, be designed and constructed to promote peace, health, happiness and spiritual growth?" can simply be answered as YES!

Want to know more, stay tuned!

Greenest Office Building in Maryland, also Vastu Certified - Tower Oaks Building

Biophilic Designs incorporated - This is an indoor garden
John Lipman (Vastu Architect) and Jeffrey Abramson (Developer) giving us details about the features of this remarkable building

To learn more about this project, check out the link below:

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