Trinidad + Tobago - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

For the first time in Trinidad and Tobago, a full two (2) day conference (08th and 09th June 2017) was successfully organised and brought to life by the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago, bringing together like minded individuals in the Energy , Building and Renewable Energy Sectors together to discuss a most important challenge we face.. How do we transition into RE given the fact that the price of electricity and energy at the moment is very low as compared with RE, and the other more important need to reduce our carbon footprint as a country. With the 10% RE sustainable goal target set for Trinidad by 2021, time is clearly running out and in order to create Quantum Leaps, we needed to address the current barriers and create robust barrier breaking strategies.

The Conference covered a wide outlook of the topics, addressing both Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy topics through the lens of a variety of stakeholders in the industry. The viewpoints of Government Agencies, international organizations, private sector companies and individuals alike all gave attendees a wealth of knowledge in the business of Clean Energy.

Developing carbon markets in the Caribbean and the development of a Roadmap to renewable energy for Trinidad and Tobago were presented along with demonstrations of projects and initiatives for a clean energy future. One of which was our very own BlueDolphin Smart Living Home project.

Founder/Owner of RegenVast Buildings introducing Living Buildings to Trinidad + Tobago

It was truly an honour to have been given the opportunity to speak at this conference and introduce THE LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE and our very own project. Being the last speaker at the conference, it felt like my duty to end with an even more powerful and inspiring message to all which was simple - "THE POWER IS YOURS!"

At the end of the day, the hope is that each person will return home with a greater sense of purpose and drive to help make this possible and we look forward to working with the other stakeholders in making Living Buildings the norm / standard way of design and construction for new buildings in Trinidad and Tobago, and perhaps in the Caribbean in the very near future. That's a goal we will like to achieve..

For more information about the CLEAN ENERGY CONFERENCE and for photos, please check out the links below:

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