Living Future unConference 2017 - Seattle, WA - GENIUS & COURAGE

Every year, for the past eleven (11) years, Change Agents, Living Building Challenge Ambassadors, Architects, Engineers, Sustainability Consultants, Contractors, you name it, converge at the LF unConference in Seattle, Washington. Conferences like these have the power to help transform and inspire thousands across the globe to work towards the creation of a Living Future - one which is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative. This year, there were keynotes by Van Jones (CNN commentator, former advisor to President Barack Obama and Founder/President of Green Corps), as well as Author/Activist Naomi Klein and Kirsti Luke, Chief Executive of the Tuhoe Tribe (New Zealand). They all had very powerful and deeply touching messages of unity, love and will, and we salute all those who have sacrificed and continue to do so for the future of this planet and those to come.

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This year, Founder of RegenVast Buildings and Living Building Challenge Ambassador Lydia Singh, introduced the BlueDolphin Smart Living Home project at the Collaborative Network Summit and was showered with best wishes and kind support. There is no doubt that one small project, on a tiny island in the Caribbean will be able to create ripples of positive change across the region and help to shift the building industry in the near future. It is just the beginning of greater things to come so stay tuned!

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