A Visit to Heron Hall - Washington's first Residential Living Building project and home of LBC F

On our way to Heron Hall - Bainbridge Island, a short thirty-five (35) minute ferry ride from the city of Seattle to a precious, serene and one-of-a-kind island.


View of the Olympic Mountains on an early morning ferry ride to Bainbridge Island

Gathering at Pleasant Beach, once the winter homes of the Sammamish people (native American). Connecting the project to place and honouring the culture, history and people is a key component of any Living Building project.

Pleasant Beach
Heron Hall - external view. (Landscaping on its way)

Heron Hall - view of the tall, majestic wooden ceilings

Reclaimed stained glass used on this project adding to it's unique character and feel of this home.

Rammed earthen wall with a powerful message to all..

Modern & sleek composting toilets

Honouring the culture of the place

Moss wall decor - Mosses naturally remove moisture from the air acting like a dehumidifier.

Skylights bringing in natural light to the inside spaces. Natural light is proven to improve health, well-being and productivity of persons.

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