It's all about Sustainable Forest harvesting - A visit to one of the few FSC certified timber su

A beautiful display of what the finishes product can look like.

This morning I flew from Trinidad to Guyana to visit the facility of MC VANTAGE OF GUYANA INC. I was greeted by Mark L. (Director of International Sales) and Craig P. (Chief Operating Officer, Guianas). MC VANTAGE OF GUYANA INC. is one of the few FSC certified suppliers near our homeland of Trinidad and Tobago and was successful in obtaining the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification in October of 2016.

FSC certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide not only environmental benefits, but social and economic benefits as well. Forest owners and managers who have received this certification are able to demonstrate that they are managing their forests responsibly.

It was a morning full of engaging discussions surrounding the BlueDolphin Living Building Project, the need for a greater push in driving suppliers to become FSC certified and off course, about the many varieties of Guyana tropical hardwoods! From smell, touch and even taste tests, we were able to select the timber type that was best suited for various parts of the home.

The tour of their top class facility was also another highlight of this trip and the meeting. I've selected some photos from today's visit. If you wish to learn more about FSC, do send me an email!

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