Our Services - (coming soon!)

1.Regenerative Building Design & Architecture 

"What if every act of design and construction made the world a better place." Living Building Challenge 3.1


"Over the last twenty years, Green Building has grown to become the most progressive trend in the building industry. There have been huge steps forward in the design, construction and operation of buildings, but yet when compared with the rate of change that is required to avoid the worst effects of climate change and other global environmental challenges, our progress has been minute and barely recordable." ​LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE 3.1


Incremental change is no longer a viable option. With the rapid increase in temperature of our planet each year, to the frequent droughts being experienced by our neighbouring nations and not to mention the high risk to small islands such as ours due to rise in sea levels, we need to act now to create a better world for future generations.


By focusing on our largest infrastructural creations, buildings, which consume just less than half of the world's energy, designing homes and buildings to operate as cleanly, beautifully and efficiently as nature's architecture, we can make the planet a better place for all living beings.  Imagine a home or building which possesses characteristics similar to that of tree in nature, rooted to one place firmly on the ground, using the energy from the sun to nourish itself while efforlessly capturing water from the rain using only what is needed to grow healthy, strong and beautiful.


OUR SERVICE - Using the  Living Building Challenge (LBC) which is the world's  most rigorous and progressive green building standard as our key guide, we provide expert advice and develop designs for your existing or new home, office building , residential complex or vacation home, which will allow it to be fully sustainable, functional, comfortable and beautiful.. A place where you'll absolutely love being!


3.Vastu Shastra: Designs & Consultancy

Vaastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and building which allows one to take advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced Wealth, Health, Prosperity and Happiness. This natural blend of art, astronomy and astrology creates places which are balanced and deeply connected to nature and the cosmos.


All our buildings are carefully designed to meet the strict Vastu requirements. We don't believe in doing any less. Experience the benefits yourself.


5.Tiny Homes

We find great joy in being able to join in on the TINY HOMES movement which is gaining a lot of popularity worldwide. Tiny homes allow families to own their own home without being weighed down by heavy rent or mortgage, allowing more savings which can be put towards your family vacations, education, travel, investment, charity etc.

(For those who may not be familiar with the "tiny home" concept, these homes are usually classified as those that are less than 500 square feet).


We customize your designs based on your individual style, honouring the culture of the location and people, and look forward to bringing this this unique service to our Customers here in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. The process requires a lot of creativity and technique which makes the process quite fun!



6. E4: Educate, Empower, Elevate, Evolve

Education is an important aspect of what we do.


Our goal is to educate and empower persons to make the change and step into a world where sustainable and regenerative practices are a norm, starting with homes/buildings, to generating your own renewable power to growing your own organic food (permaculture) to proper water and waste management.


We continue to have discussions with governmental bodies, local authorities, Embassies, non-profit organisations, home owners, local companies and educational institutes in Trinidad and Tobago and now extending to the Caribbean region. We network with other professionals and practitioners across various related industries sharing success stories and brainstorming together to develop more innovative, creative, sustainable and efficient designs as well as construction methods.


Remember that this is not just about buildings.. It is really about creating a more sustainable, resilient, healthier, just and abundant lifestyle for all. That is our birthright.



Learn more about our sister not-for-profit organisation REgenTT (www.regentt.org) for further details.


2.Full Project Delivery - Const. & Commissioning

We provide a 'One Stop Shop' for our Customers where we not only engineer and design your sustainable living dream home, office building or residential complex, but we also construct it.


We work with suitable, local contractors, finding great pleasure in completing the job from the conceptual phase to commissioning and hand over.


When it comes to materials, we pay special attention to every single material being procured and utilised on our projects as throughout a building's life cycle, the poor choice of building materials tend to be responsible for many adverse environmental issues, including illness, habitat and species loss, pollution and resource depletion.  


We are changing that to ensure that during design and construction, we reduce our overall carbon footprint and eliminate the production of waste as much as possible. All materials will be carefully selected to ensure high quality and no adverse effects on human or the health of the ecosystem.


We have done the background work by putting simple systems and user-friendly technologies in place to ensure that the same follows during the operation of the home/building thereby covering all phases of a project.


With Quality being one of core pillars, we ensure all assurance checks are performed at the right times by competent personnel. Our contractors ensure compliance with our Quality Management Program.


4. Design of Super Energy Efficient, Water and Waste Management systems 

Energy efficiency, water and waste management are essential aspects of living buildings.


With inefficient buildings/homes consuming around forty percent (40%) of the world's energy and equating to millions of carbon being emitted each day; it is crucial that we design with this mind. ALL BUILDINGS ARE DESIGNED FOR OPTIMUM EFFICIENCY AND ARE ENTIRELY POWERED BY RENEWABLE RESOURCES which means that you have no monthly electricity bills! More importantly, in the event of a power outage in your area or country (caused by hurricane or other natural disasters), your building will be fully functional. This significantly reduces your carbon footprint and helps you be a leader in your community.


Our buildings maximise natural lighting, air flow and land space to create wonderful living, working or vacation spaces for all. We also give advice on how to reduce energy consumption and become more energy efficient.


When it comes to Water and Waste Management, we adopt the Cradle to Cradle concept; designing and building for 100% closed loop system which means that waste is effectively eliminated. It is instead recycled or reused to feed back into the cycle as nutrients/nourishment for plants and the environment.


6. Biophilic Designs

Did you know that more studies are proving the many health benefits to human connection with the natural world?

It is of utmost importance that we help re-connect people with nature, allowing each to experience the many benefits this innate connection bring. The built environment lacks this gentle but powerful touch of the natural world, but we are here to bring this back for good!

A little attention, thoughtfulness and creativity can go a long way..