Project 1 - The RegenVast Smart Living Home

The RegenVastTM Smart Living Home will soon be one of the World’s Greenest & Healthiest Homes. It is designed to meet the Living Building Challenge (LBC) which is the world’s most rigorous, progressive and stringent green building program, with the aim of showcasing regenerative building designs and the importance of these deep green buildings in the creation of a more resilient, sustainable and thriving future for all. (It was registered with the International Living Future Institute in Sept. 2016).

The site chosen for this unique project is located in the Northern Range, Maracas, St. Joseph; a historical and nature loving community.


The RegenVastTM Smart Living Home will:

  1. Be completely powered by the sun, thereby only using renewable, clean energy sources.

  2. Collect all of its water from the rain and treat it (without the use of harsh chemicals such as chlorine) for consumption.

  3. Treat naturally all grey water via constructed wetland onsite.

  4. Utilize onsite low water, wastewater treatment systems creating nutrient rich soil as opposed to sewage, thereby providing a closed loop system that benefits all.

  5. Use natural day lighting and cross-ventilation, hence no need for artificial lights during the day nor air conditioning- reducing overall carbon footprint.

  6. Not contain any toxic materials which are prevalent in many paints, sealants, glues, PVC piping and furniture.

  7. Be constructed using renewable, sustainable materials with low carbon footprint.

  8. Adopt the best of Biophilic designs.

  9. Grow its own ORGANIC food,

  10. Be SMART (automated) and use several technologies in managing water collection, energy production, consumption and lots more!

This unique home is also designed following VASTU SHASTRA PRINCIPLES, an Ancient Hindu Vedic Science of Architecture which aligns the building perfectly with nature and the cosmic energy which pervades the universe and all of creation. It has been scientifically proven that Vastu Homes bring an abundance of Health, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity to dwellers as well as its surrounding areas.

Construction is expected to commence upon final approval by the local authorities.