As citizens of this planet, where Mother Nature provides everything we need to live most abundantly, healthily and blissfully, we believe that it is our duty to serve and preserve our wonderful home, EARTH, for the present and future generations to come.


With over twelve years of experience in Design, Engineering, Construction and Project Management, driven by a deep passion for creating deep green & resilient buildings and communities, this line of DESIGN & BUILD services was been developed. These services support our mission to promote Health, Wellness & Resiliency through the built environment and protect against the negative impacts of Climate Change. We are here to support the international drive towards developing Sustainable, Regenerative, Resilient homes, buildings & communities and in transforming the built environment.


"If not US, then who?

 If not HERE, then where?

 If not NOW, then when?"

The name RegenVast originates from two (2) founding words that resonate within THE CORE of our line of services - REGENERATIVE designs and VASTU designs (more about this found in 'Services'). We are happy to bring this unique offering to you! The best of all worlds when it comes to the built environment. Experience the many enriching benefits of RegenVastTM buildings yourself.

The proof is in the Process, the People & the Product...